Senior Red Hat Linux Systems Administrator

Wecker Associates in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is looking for an on-site Senior Red Hat Linux Systems Administrator to help support our high-stakes, time-sensitive consulting engagements. We operate a variety of hardware and software platforms networked to create a secure, high-performance computing environment. We run SAS, our workhorse statistical analysis software, on our physical Linux platforms. We also have extensive virtual RHEL and Ubuntu Server Linux computers for support applications. While most of our desktop and utility computers are Macs, we also operate Windows physical and virtual machines and servers. The position we are advertising provides opportunities to be involved in every aspect of designing, building, and maintaining this diverse and complex computing environment.

Professional Background and Experience:

  • Several years of systems administration experience with primary responsibility for maintaining RHEL computers including both physical and virtual computers
  • Deeper knowledge of RHEL than is required of a Red Hat level 1 technical support engineer or for simply passing a certification examination
  • Experience of RHEL troubleshooting going well beyond what can be gleaned quickly from Googling error messages
  • Ability to troubleshoot and fix or work around challenging RHEL problems that Red Hat technical support is unable to diagnose and solve immediately
  • Ability to set up various RHEL hardware configurations from bare metal
  • Ability to tune RHEL computers for speed and stability
  • Substantial knowledge of RHEL security
  • Ability to set up and troubleshoot problems with networking between RHEL and non-RHEL platforms (including Windows, Windows Server, Mac OS, Mac OS Server, and Synology NAS)
  • Working knowledge of network functions and protocols such SSH, NFS, NIS, FTP, SMB and DNS
  • Working knowledge of authentication functions and protocols such as LDAP, Kerberos, and Active Directory
  • Ability and inclination to stay aware of computer hardware developments sufficient to recommend changes and upgrades and install them

Personal Attributes and Skills:

  • Inclination towards persistence, precision, deliberation, and prudent caution as a systems administrator
  • Sensitivity to and tolerance for working under externally determined hard deadlines
  • Sensitivity to need and aptitude for crafting cost-effective IT solutions with a preference for relative simplicity and low maintenance
  • Ability to create and maintain systems documentation and procedural checklists understandable by others
  • Ability to maintain a disciplined work flow with minimal supervision

Job Description:

  • Routine daily systems administration of RHEL computers including performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and updating
  • Management and monitoring of systems security measures
  • Procurement and setup of new RHEL computers
  • In addition to primary responsibility for the administration of our RHEL computers, other IT tasks/systems at Wecker Associates involve, for example:
  • Sourcing, setup, and maintenance of Windows and Mac OS X Servers, Macs, and PCs
  • Synology network attached storage devices
  • Netgear L3 switches and network administration including Wi-Fi networks
  • Backup hardware and software including 9840 tape drives/libraries, other tape drives (e.g., LTO and DLT) and Retrospect for Mac
  • HP and Ricoh multi-function printers
  • APC UPS devices, including automated shutdown
  • Security software (e.g., anti-malware and VPN) and hardware (e.g., cameras)
  • Mac remote access management


  • Competitive compensation
  • Paid time off
  • SEP IRA (retirement benefit)
  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • Flexible Spending Account (medical and/or childcare)

Only applications with a cover letter will be reviewed and please include in your cover letter why you would like to live and work in Jackson, WY.

Email resume and cover letter to